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Representative Cases


1. Orlando Magic star Nick Anderson cleared of rape charges after attorneys prove alleged victim provided false statements and refused to take a polygraph. Anderson volunteered for and passed a polygraph test; defense attorneys proved that Anderson was the target of a $600,000 extortion attempt by alleged victim's father.

2. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer criminally charged with election fraud is totally exonerated when attorneys prove that prosecutors had misconstrued true intent of the law. Once charges dropped he was reinstated to office.

3. Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty Special prosecutor appointed by the Governor agrees with defense attorneys and says Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty did nothing illegal in business relationship with local developer.

4. Kissimmee Mayor-Osceola County Medical Director George Gant has sexual battery charges dismissed after attorneys prove that the alleged victims were not worthy of belief.

5. Ex-Orange County Property Appraiser Ford Hausman acquitted at trial of theft, forgery and official misconduct charges involving agency computer contract; juror said she was "ashamed" that case was filed.

6. FBI, FAA and grand jury probe of Sanford's SunJet Aviation finds no criminal wrongdoing involving jet crash death of pro golfer Payne Stewart after attorneys prove SunJet operated within the rules set by the FAA.

7. U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Wayne Gillespie acquitted of conspiring to illegally export 1,140 anti-tank missiles to Iran at conclusion of a six-week federal trial.

8. Golf pro Trason Brooks, jailed for three months without bail on four counts of attempted first-degree murder, his charges dismissed after his attorneys prove he could not have committed the crimes, leading an ex-girlfriend to admit to staging phony attacks.

9. Abundant Life Academy of Learning daycare center acquitted of aggravated manslaughter. Tragically a two year old died in the back of the van where she was left after a school picnic. Circuit Judge rules workers, not school responsible for child's death.

10. Jim Veigle owner of Rachel's adult men's' clubs cleared of Racketeering, prostitution and money laundering after defense proved he was not involved in or had knowledge of illegal conduct.