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Concluded Cases We Have Successfully Defended

The following are examples of cases we have successfully defended after indictment or information:

Aggravated Manslaughter: State of Florida v. The Abundant Life Academy of Learning, Inc.

A Church affiliated daycare was charged with aggravated manslaughter for the death of a two-year old child in the daycare van approximately four hours after a group of children returned from a field trip. The high profiled case presented a number of challenging issues including constitutional issues of separation of Church and state; corporate criminal liability for the negligence of employees; and the recusal of a potentially biased judge. After a highly publicized and emotional four-day trial, the daycare was found not guilty of the felony charge regarding the death of the child on April 24, 2003.

Vehicular Homicide: State of Florida vs. Justin Allen- Justin Allen was involved in an Accident on private property in which the car he was driving hit and killed a young man. Prosecutors were seeking to charge 19 year old Allen, the National Free Style Water Ski Champion, with vehicular homicide. However, we were able to persuade the prosecutor that vehicular homicide would be an inappropriate charge. Instead, the prosecutor charged Allen with the lesser crime of Leaving the Scene of an Accident resulting in death. We filed a motion to dismiss based upon lack of jurisdiction and Judge Thomas Smith dismissed the case on April 9, 2003, after oral argument.

Civil Rights: United States of America v. Dale Anderson, November 1995; my partner and I represented the defendant, Captain Dale Anderson, of the Volusia County Sheriff?s Office, who was charged in a multiple count indictment of civil rights violations. After a two and a half week jury trial, Dale Anderson was found not guilty on all counts.

Grand Theft: State of Florida v. Ford Hausman, May, 1995; my partner and I represented, Ford Hausman, Orange County Property Appraiser, who was charged in a multiple count indictment which included two grand theft counts, and various charges relating to the misappropriation of funds and official misconduct. After a week long trial, the judge granted our motion for judgment of acquittal on all counts.

Tax: United States of America v. Angelo and Joe Leva: directed verdict of acquittal for the wife on all counts of income tax evasion.

Custom/Export: United States of America v. Wayne Gillespie; 15 counts of conspiracy to illegally export TOW missiles to the country of Iran; directed verdict of acquittal on all accounts. Wayne Gillespie was a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army.

Tax: United States v. Champ Williams and family. Mr. Williams was the owner of all food and beverages concessions at the Orlando International Airport. I represented his wife, Betty Williams, during the nine-week trial for conspiracy not to report more than one million dollars a year in gross receipts from the airport concessions. Betty Williams was acquitted on all counts.

United States v. Paul M. Phillips; income tax evasion. The jury found the defendant not guilty of two felony counts, but guilty of a misdemeanor count, failure to file. The case was reversed on appeal by the Eleventh Circuit and never retried. 843 F. 2d 438 (11th Cir. 1988).

Tax: United States v. Harold G. Artrip and Margaret Artrip, C.P.A. licensed in Florida and Tennessee, was convicted on one of three counts of bank fraud. His wife, Margaret Artrip, was represented by my partner Robert Leventhal and was acquitted of all charges. The Eleventh Circuit reversed Mr. Artrip?s the conviction of the lower court and the case was not retried. 942 F.2d 1568 (11th Cir. 1991).

Tax: United States v. Delmas M. Rose; Judge G. Kendall Sharp granted a direct verdict of acquittal on the charge of failing to report $175,000 of gross receipts; the jury found the defendant guilty of failing to report approximately $400,000 of gross receipts; verdict was reversed on appeal on June 25, 1992.

Perjury Involving Tax Prosecution: United States v. Michael Hatfield; Bob Leventhal and I represented the defendant, an attorney in Lake County, Bob Leventhal and I represented the defendant, an attorney in Lake County, Florida, who was charged with perjury in the U.S. District Court, Ocala, Florida. The defendant was acquitted on all counts.

Bank Fraud: United States v. Bonnie Watson, December 1994; I represented the defendant in a 14 count HUD and bank fraud conspiracy case. The trial commenced on December 4,1994 before United States District Court Judge G, Kendall Sharp. On December 20, 1994, the Court granted the Defendant?s motion for directed verdict of acquittal.

Obstruction of Justice and False Statements: United States v. Robert Howard, February, 1998; Bob Leventhal and I defended a high ranking NASA engineer, involved since 1972 with designing, maintaining and calibrating transducers, which monitor the launch sequence of the space shuttle launches. Mr. Howard was charged with submission of false statements and obstruction of justice. United States District Judge Patricia C. Fawsett directed a verdict of not guilty at the conclusion of the Defendant?s case.

United States vs. Garry Greenburg ? Conspiracy to Commit Tax Fraud ? Mr. Greenburg was indicted and prosecuted by Attorneys from the U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Tax Division, Washington D.C. The trial lasted for five weeks, and ended with the US District Judge Anne C. Conway granting our Motion for Directed of Verdict of Acquittal. Garry Greenberg was thereby totally acquitted by the Court?s ruling, that even in the light most favorable to the prosecution a reasonable minded juror could not find Garry Greenberg guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

United States v. Bill Renner ? Possession of a Firearm while involved in a narcotics transaction. Mr. Renner was prosecuted federally for use of a firearm during a drug transaction. The law for such an offense if proven called for a severe mandatory sentence of incarceration. Mr. Renner went to trial and was acquitted by a jury of the offense. U.S. District Judge Patricia C. Fawsett severed Mr. Renner?s wife from the trial and she was tried separately. The jury likewise acquitted Ms. Renner at the end of the trial.

State of Florida vs. Dr. John Dees DVM ? Dr. Dees was charged with theft of trade secrets from his former employer/partner. A motion to suppress was filed, briefed and argued and ultimately granted by Judge Newman Brock. All of the evidence concerning client lists, patient lists, treatment, and files were suppressed. The State continued to prosecute under a different theory, however, Judge Brock suppressed all statements made during the alleged settlement discussions between the doctors and the case was ultimately dismissed with prejudiced.

The listing of these cases is submitted not to boast, but to at least demonstrate to you that my partner and I represent individuals being investigated by federal law enforcement authorities literally on a daily basis.

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