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Bank, Mortgage, Real Estate Fraud and Money Laundering

Bank, Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud/Money Laundering

Seven Decades of Criminal Law Legal Experience in Orlando, Florida

In an economic environment in which foreclosures and late mortgage payments are steadily increasing, local, state and federal prosecutors are increasingly pointing fingers at borrowers. At the Orlando, Florida, criminal defense law firm of Leventhal & Slaughter, LLC we have helped dozens of borrowers fight bank, mortgage and real estate fraud charges, and money laundering charges. Have you been accused of:

  • Equity skimming?
  • Providing false data to banks and lenders, including income and employment information?
  • Overbuying residential or investment property while providing false asset and debt information?
  • Committing home value appraisal fraud?

We have worked with numerous individuals who feel they were tricked into disadvantageous mortgages or who are accused of providing fraudulent information on mortgage applications. If you have been accused of home-related fraud, we can help.

Have you been accused of mortgage, real estate or bank fraud, or of money laundering? Call 407-849-6161.

Accusations of fraud are increasing in regard to mortgage refinancing, sub-prime mortgages and property flipping. If you face charges relating to providing false information, we can help.

Experienced in Money Laundering Legal Defense

Firm attorneys Bob Leventhal, Harrison "Butch" Slaughter and Joseph "Trey" Fisher III also provide aggressive and knowledgeable money laundering legal defense. In a recent case, our client was an attorney accused of laundering fees and lying to federal prosecutors and IRS agents. The investigation resulted in no indictment and no fees seized.

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If you have questions regarding bank, mortgage and real estate fraud charges, or money laundering charges, contact our firm for a free initial consultation. We accept credit cards, are available for evening and weekend appointments, and are conveniently located in downtown Orlando within walking distance of the federal and state courthouses. To contact a lawyer, call 407-849-6161.