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Drug Trafficking

Orlando Drug Trafficking Criminal Defense Attorneys

America's long-standing war on drugs has not slowed the use of drugs in the U.S. as it was intended to do. It has, however, resulted in thousands of drug-related arrests, and led to harsh legal consequences for drug-related violations, including drug distribution, drug possession, drug smuggling and drug trafficking.

Drug trafficking charges are now often tied to charges of organized crime, racketeering and mail and wire fraud, leading to severe sentences including seizure of property and years in prison. At the Orlando, Florida, criminal defense law firm of Leventhal & Slaughter, LLC our three-member lawyer team has practiced criminal law for a combined seven decades, and has handled hundreds of drug trafficking and other drug-related criminal defense cases.

Have you been accused of drug smuggling or trafficking, including illegal drugs and controlled substances? Contact the former federal prosecutors of Leventhal & Slaughter, LLC at 407-849-6161.

We have handled drug trafficking cases involving a wide range of substances, including hormones, steroids, marijuana and cocaine. We have worked with clients ranging from street corner drug sellers to doctors and online pharmacies. We can handle cases ranging from local sellers to importers of controlled substances from China and other countries. Our drug-related legal successes include:

  • Our client was pulled over in a road-side ?profile stop? and authorities found several kilograms of cocaine in his car. Though a jury found our client guilty, the verdict was reversed due to the illegality of the profile stop.
  • Our client owned a Florida fishing business and was charged with smuggling thousands of pounds of marijuana from the Bahamas to Fort Pierce. The charges also included racketeering. Our presentation of fishing and fuel-use records led to a full acquittal.
  • We are currently representing a doctor accused of illegally approving hundreds of medical prescriptions per day.

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If you have questions regarding drug smuggling, drug trafficking and other drug crimes including international drug crimes, contact our firm for a free initial consultation. We accept credit cards, are available for evening and weekend appointments, and are conveniently located in downtown Orlando within walking distance of the federal and state courthouses. To contact us, call 407-849-6161.