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International Crime

Orlando, Florida, International Crime Defense Attorneys

Legal cases quickly become highly complicated when the full range of other countries' laws come into play. If you face criminal charges outside the U.S., or you are charged with a domestic criminal violation that involves another country, you need an experienced lawyer who has practiced international law and criminal defense for many years.

At the Orlando, Florida, criminal defense law firm of Leventhal & Slaughter, LLC members of our attorney team served for decades as prosecutors with the United States Department of Justice and the United States Attorney's Office. Since 1987 we have practiced criminal defense exclusively. Our criminal defense practice has brought us all over the world, from Costa Rica and Columbia to Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. If your criminal charges involve international crime law, we can help.

Have you been accused of a crime in another country? Do your domestic criminal charges involve allegations of criminal activity in another country, or involve parties overseas? Call Leventhal & Slaughter, LLC at 407-849-6161.

Criminal cases involving international law that our firm has handled include:

  • Drug smuggling
  • Importation of ivory
  • Raising funds for terrorist groups
  • National security
  • Fraud
  • Arms trading and selling U.S. arms to countries on the U.S. enemy list
  • Export/import violations
  • Money laundering

We are highly experienced in handling cases in which foreign governments become involved. Since September 11, the U. S. and foreign governments have watched money flows carefully. If you are being investigated or have been charged, contact us for a no-cost discussion of your case.

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If you have questions regarding international law criminal defense, contact our firm for a free initial consultation. We accept credit cards, are available for evening and weekend appointments, and are conveniently located in downtown Orlando within walking distance of the federal and state courthouses. To contact us, call 407-849-6161.