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Medicare Fraud

Medicare Fraud Criminal Defense in Orlando, Florida

The Medicare system is infamously confusing for seniors. The fact that Medicare is confusing for doctors and other healthcare services is often overlooked.

Doctors and medical offices need to follow extremely complex medical coding rules when billing the federal government for Medicare payments, and specialists risk a federal investigation simply for performing numerous similar medical procedures.

At the Orlando, Florida, Medicare fraud and criminal defense law firm of Leventhal & Slaughter, LLC we help doctors and a broad range of medical industry organizations fight charges of fraud.

Have you or your business be accused of Medicare fraud? Contact the former federal prosecutors at Leventhal & Slaughter, LLC. We provide experienced legal representation for charges of overutilization, miscoding and fraud charges. Call 407-849-6161.

We have served as Assistant and Chief Assistant U.S. Attorneys with the United States Department of Justice and the United States Attorney's Office, and have seven decades of state and federal criminal defense experience. We know federal prosecutors' processes and priorities, and have a long track record of successfully defending Medicare fraud charges.

Our lawyer team has helped doctors who were targeted for Medicare fraud simply because their "averages" for performing various procedures were above the national mean. We have defended doctors who have made simple medical coding errors. And we have defended doctors and publicly traded companies accused of safe harbor rule issues, kickbacks and other violations. For more information on how our three-member attorney team can help you, contact our office for a no-charge discussion of your case.

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If you have questions regarding Medicare fraud charges, contact our firm for a free initial consultation. We accept credit cards, are available for evening and weekend appointments, and are conveniently located in downtown Orlando within walking distance of the federal and state courthouses. To contact an attorney, call 407-849-6161.