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Organized Fraud/Racketeering

Organized Fraud/Racketeering Defense Attorneys

Like wire fraud and mail fraud, charges of racketeering and organized fraud are often used by prosecutors to increase legal penalties and to tie defendants to other charges and to other charged individuals and organizations. If you face organized fraud or racketeering charges, an experienced criminal defense attorney can work to shield you from aggressive prosecutors and a life-changing criminal sentence.

At Leventhal & Slaughter, LLC our three-member lawyer team includes former prosecutors with the United States Department of Justice as well as the United States Attorney's Office. We have worked for decades both as prosecutors and as defenders, and are familiar with countless methods to defend you against federal racketeering and organized fraud charges.

Have you been accused of organized fraud or of racketeering? Contact the former federal prosecutors of Leventhal & Slaughter, LLC at 407-849-6161.

Racketeering charges, though common, carry heavy legal consequences. A state conviction in Florida can lead to a 30-year prison sentence. Federal convictions can lead to more than ten years in prison, and are the most serious offense with the exception of murder.

Government agents will often attempt to link alleged criminal conduct to other activities and create a picture of an overarching criminal enterprise. Once used solely against mafia-related and mafia-like organizations, racketeering laws are now used in hundreds of different scenarios.

We have helped dozens of individuals and organizations avoid legal penalties following racketeering charges. In a recent case, after exhaustive investigation and defense work we were able to prove:

  • Our client was not on club premises when the alleged criminal conduct occurred
  • Undercover agents bribed club managers
  • Undercover agents caused criminal acts to occur in his clubs and endeavored to hide this fact from our client

As a result of our representation all charges against our client were dismissed with prejudice. To learn more about Leventhal & Slaughter, LLC and to discuss your concerns, contact our office for a no-charge discussion.

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If you have questions regarding organized fraud and federal racketeering charges, contact our firm for a free initial consultation. We accept credit cards, are available for evening and weekend appointments, and are conveniently located in downtown Orlando within walking distance of the federal and state courthouses. To contact a lawyer, call 407-849-6161.